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Music Reviews

Concerts of Interest (comments pending)

Al Martino - Legends Series Live Concert

Andrea Bocelli - Live in Portofino

Celine Dion - All the way

Frank Mills - Greatest Canadian composer/pianist

Helena Paparizou -2005 "Mad" concert

Helene Fischer - Mut zum Gefühl (Live - 2008)
Helene Fischer - Für Einen Tag (Live - 2012)

Hetty and the Jazzato Band

Jackie Evancho - Music from the movies (PBS) 

Katherine Jenkins - Concert in the Park
Katherine Jenkins - Live at Llangollen
Katherine Jenkins - Believe (2010)

Leann Rimes - Career Greatest Hi-lites

Lesley Garrett - Music from the movies Concert

The Bee Gees (Live in Australia)

Tom Jones - Live on Soundstage (2017)

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